At Home Training Program

Programs Designed for Players of All Levels

Coach Mike Shaughnessy is a Professional Skills Coach who has worked with thousands & thousands of players traveling the globe running camps/clinics.

Coach Mike is offering a variety of content & structured programs each month that will help players grow their game physically + mentally.

The Virtual Training Academy is made up of different programs that provide players the necessary tools needed to improve along with various challenges that give them the ability to COMPETE even while being at home!



The ball-handling program will help you improve:

  • Control

  • Rhythm

  • Hesitation

  • Ability to be shifty

  • How to handle pressure

  • Changing pace (slow to fast)

  • Changing direction

  • Changing speeds

  • Moves to break down your defender


The finishing program will help you improve:

  • Being consistent at the basket

  • Balance by breaking down footwork

  • Developing touch with both hands

  • Having a variety of ways to finish

  • Control of feet, body, basketball

  • Learn the WHY & WHEN to use certain finishes

Footwork Breakdowns

The footwork that will be taught will help you be more effective:

  • Off the dribble

  • Finishing at the basket

  • Off the catch 

  • Playing without the ball

  • Shooting 


Improve your shooting:

  • Shot Breakdowns to improve Form, Flow, Finish

  • Footwork breakdowns to develop RHYTHM

  • Improve balance 

  • Develop the habit of being shot ready

  •  Become a consistent shooter

    • Off the catch (Spot)​

    • On the move (W/o the ball)

    • Off the dribble (mid range)

Core Strength

Having strong core muscles is vital for basketball. It improves your balance, movement, stability, and prevents injury. The at home training app will provide daily exercises for players to build & strengthen their core before or after they complete their basketball workout for the day.

Film Study

Grow Your IQ for the game:

  • Learn the WHY & WHEN for what you are working on to improve your game.

  • Be able to take certain details from a film study and apply it to your workouts.

  • Learn team concepts/actions that coaches break down within your team practices/workouts.


Point Guard Academy 

Summer 2020


Post Player Academy 

Summer 2020

Access to Detailed Programs & Over 300+ Drills

Choose from a variety of drills to


BALL-HANDLING: Learn how to handle the ball with great control + pace being able to attack off the dribble.

FOOTWORK: Develop your  footwork to be able to do anything you want on the court.

FINISHING: Learn how to be crafty around the basket.

SHOOTING: Become a consistent knockdown shooter.

CORE STRENGTH: Learn how to use a basketball to build strength that will enhance your performance on the court.

FILM STUDY: Grow your IQ for the game.

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