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High Intensity Skill Sessions

Coach Mike Shaughnessy will be running virtual skill sessions that are geared towards preparing a player to get outside their comfort zone both mentally & physically. The sessions are designed to serve players of all skill levels at it will be fast paced with a variety of skill breakdowns that all athletes can follow. Core strength & agility will be integrated in to each session to test each athletes body strength & conditioning that are both vital to performing on the court at a high level.


Workout Details

Mondays beginning November 2nd
3:30pm PST | 6:30 EST 

  • 45 Minute Sessions

    • Skill Breakdowns​

      • Ball Control​

      • Footwork off the dribble/catch

      • Change of pace 

    • Core Strength Exercises

      • All Body Weight

    • Agility/Balance Exercises

      • Control feet + body ​

  • Players will receive a link to the workout each week once they sign up by clicking below. 

  • ONLY $5 per session! JOIN at any time! 

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