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Welcome to Mike Shaughnessy Basketball’s 20 Day Ball-Handling/Footwork Program

Train Any Time! | Start Any Time!

❌ Work on Game Skills. Get Game Results. ❌


I have put together a 20 day online skills training program that is guaranteed to improve a player's handle and footwork over the next few weeks!


More importantly, it will transform their game to the next level  beyond the completion of this program. 


Unlike many other online basketball training, this is designed to put players in a position to become successful with each move, skill, or set of footwork they are introduced.


I wanted them to establish a foundation where they can continue to grow and build! 


It is accessible for players of all ages and skill sets! That doesn't mean it will be easy. This program will challenge players to maximize their effort each day! 


From learning how to handle pressure versus a defender, change pace with the ball and being able to change speeds in a variety of ways, players will gain confidence being able to get anywhere they want on the floor. 


Players can easily follow the day-to-day training on their cell phone, laptop, computer from where ever they live in the world! 


Players can train at any time completing the program on their own schedule! 


Most programs of this value are overly priced between $49.99 - $99.99.


Train with me for $1/Day ONLY paying $20.00 for the program you will have ACCESS to FOREVER!



Train for $1 a Day!

Program Benefits:
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Start Anytime! Train Anytime!
  • Workout Structure: Weekly content makes it easy to follow!
  • Film Study to validate the WHY + WHEN behind certain drills.
What is NEEDED:
  • Basketball
  • Space
  • After purchase: A link for the program will be sent to your email!  
Program Price: $20.00
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